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12:02pm 25/07/2010

when i was nine i was kind of a loser
the kids in my class didn't like me
melanie chow was the meanest of all
and my mom made me go to her party

nobody talked to me i sat there quietly
drawing with crayons on a napkin
a picture of melanie skewered with a pitchfork
her legs getting eaten by lions

the cake was good
i took some home
i had a party
in my room

now i have friends and i'm not such a loser
but i go to bars all alone and i sit there
and order red wine and i write and i like being alone around people
yes that's how i like it

and i've already spent too much time
doing things i didn't want to
so if i wanna sit here and write and drink wine
you can bet your black ass that i'm going to

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Albums of 2008  
08:59am 07/12/2008
(Note: Not always music that came out in 2008, just what I've been listening to this year)

Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I (2008)
One of two free albums on this list (Although its not still available for free). This one is purely instrumental. As the title would suggest its has some haunting music, but it also some good beats as well. You can also hear little throwbacks to old songs, if your listening carefully.. This is best played low at home, maybe to fall asleep to.

Harvey Danger - Little By Little... (2005)

The second free album on this list, it was released a few years ago, but credits go to Katie B for turning me on to this one. An upgrade from their one hit wonder, Flag Pole Sitta, some very cool music from here. I especially recommend: Wine Women and Song, Cream and Bastards Rise, Moral Centralia, and What You Live By. If your a fan of Foo Fighters, Barenaked Ladies, or Harvey Dangers earlier efforts, this is definately an album worth looking into, especially since you can grab it for free from their website.

Porcupine Tree - Nil Recurring (2007)
For only being 4 songs, I listen to this EP alot. I wasn't the biggest fan of Fear of a Blank Planet, the album this EP comes from, but Nil Recurring sounds more like the Porcupine Tree I love, a more introspective feel, rather then looking out towards society, which is was Fear of a Blank Planet was. Highly Reccomended for Porcupine Tree fans.

Office Of Strategic Influence - Free (2006)

Took me too long to get into this album. OSI is a conglomeration (My spell check actually likes that word. I'm shocked.) of a bunch of cool players, but coolest for me is Kevin Moore (Keyboards, vocals, and production) and Mike Portnoy (drummer of Dream Theater fame) playing together again. If you are a fan of any of Kevin Moores stuff, this band is totally worth picking up.

In Flames - A Sense of Purpose (2008)
I heard alot of bad feedback from people who thought this album was more selling out from In Flames. Fuck that noise, it rocks. Indeed, The Chosen Pessimist is a far cry from their usual stuff, but its certainly a worthy experiment in their music, and one of my favorite tracks on the album. Alias also ranks right up high in there, in the rocktitude meter. Don't listen to people trying to say sellout - This band is just growing and trying out new stuff. Its not like their old albums went away anyways. My second favorite album of the year.

Amanda Palmer - Who Killed Amanda Palmer? (2008)

Astronaut: A Short History of Nearly Nothing is the most played song on my iTunes since I had to get my new computer, and the album only came out a couple months ago. So, theres something. Without doubt my favorite album of the year. I was a bit weary to hear Amanda Palmer strike out on her own, but listening to the album on the way home after picking it up in Portland, Rachel and I were goddamned hooked. And it has yet to release us. If you've ever liked any Dresden Dolls song ever, at all, pick this album up. Right the fuck now. GO.
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07:00am 05/12/2008
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Transcribed by: nafla
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08:32pm 29/10/2008

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08:49pm 27/10/2008
I generally try to keep my own counsel, mostly cause I generally put my foot in my mouth when I lash out. I'll keep this brief, with that in mind.

A Certain Someone called Another Someone a cunt on my facebook wall. Now, I keep facebook to keep in contact with friends and family and to let others I know connect with me, and thats about it. I made the apparent mistake of trying to get a bunch of friends to a Thanksgiving kind of get-together though, and Certain Someone didn't like that Another Someone was invited to be there, and would not go if Another Someone was there. And used the rather insulting word.

Fuck that noise.

Heres what I'd like: If you don't like some of the friends I keep, then thats your thing. If I try to get you in the same room, and you don't like it, fine. But tell me, and don't publically blast them in front of me. At least respect my decisions of the company I keep enough that you don't make me feel uncomfortable. If you don't respect them, then at least respect my wishes. I'm done explaining who I care for, I'm done explaining who I live with and why. This isn't the first time this has happened, but I'm not gonna play anymore.

I can joke about people, and I can discuss. But I won't put up with just being a dick. If you make me choose between you or them, you sure as fuck can assume I'm gonna choose the other party.
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Well. NASCAR. Very important?  
06:34pm 02/10/2008
Its been a long time since I posted a news story, but this is fucking outrageous:

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In answer to the question, "Where are you?"  
11:34am 07/08/2008
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(no subject)  
01:31am 07/08/2008
I keep having these random fits of hate.
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(no subject)  
02:46pm 25/07/2008

...Okay. Maybe I overreacted. This is why I dont post anymore.
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Laundry Day  
10:30am 25/07/2008
I know I don't post anything relevent on my life here, so heres a quick glimpse. a couple buildings over is the coin laundry, and mostly due to pride, I use that instead of my familys washer and dryer. But its filled with housewives during the daylight hours who stare at me like I'm some deformed freak male, cause I do laundry. But, you know. Cool. Whatever.

Now, for reference, I don't give two shits about Princess Di. She was slightly before my time of giving a shit about those kinda things, and when she died I never had even heard of her. Sorry. I mean, I'm sure she was a good person and all, but I'm not losing sleep over it, alright?

Now, these fucking women were discussing that, somehow, it was her husbands fault that she died. This seems... fucking magical to me. Especially that he wasn't anywhere near, you know, the car. Or that he wasn't married to her at the time. But you know, what the fuck do the facts matter?

The reason she fucking died, is cause her driver was fucked up, and they were running from the paparazzi. One wasn't really controllable, from a public standpoint. The other was. She died, in part, cause the public will pay enough money that people will stand around and take pictures of people dying in car crash. You wanna know who's at fault for her death, dumb bitch at the laundry? Its you, you ignorant fuck. You can't help but buy every supermarket tabloid and hope somehow it'll make your miserable life better, cause you certainly couldn't do it yourself. You need to get entertainment from other peoples lives, cause you can't make your own life livable. So you pay these... people to entertain you in the most gross examples of human conduct ever. I can barely call the paparazzi humans without fucking vomiting. They are the most inhuman fucks to ever walk the planet. And you pay them. You fucking ignorant shithole cunt.

Now sit down and shut the fuck up.
music: The Final Cut
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